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SINCE 1951

Welcome to the Riverside Newcomers & Neighbors Club


Looking for a new group of friends?  Contemplating moving to Riverside, California?  

Then...JOIN OUR CLUB!  We are a fun group of individuals made up of neighbors, families and
friends, some of whom have been in the group for decades, welcoming newcomers and longtime residents to Riverside and the Newcomers Club.


The Riverside Newcomers Club* was founded in 1951 to provide social and cultural activities through which new residents may become acquainted with other newcomers and the community itself.  If you would like more information, please send us an email
and we will contact you.

*On May 30, 2007 the original club name was given the alias of "Riverside Newcomers & Neighbors Club" to allow residents of Riverside, as well as its neighboring communities to join the club and remain members as long as they want regardless of when they moved into the area.

Avenues for Active Participation

The club offers a variety of social and cultural programs and activities, including tours, lectures, parties, fashion shows and more.

We have many diverse interest groups and opportunities for involvement offering recreation for everyone.  All residents are welcome to attend up to two activities prior to joining the club.


Come and see what we're all about
     -     Help organize an event
     -     Join a committee
     -     Check out an interest group; or start a new one of your own
     -     Volunteer to be a board member
     -     Help decorate for social events
Specific information about each group or activity can be found in our Interest Group Section.